Everything you need to brew whole, loose leaf tea!
2.5 Inch Mesh Tea Ball
2.5 inch 4-6 cup teapot size
Price: $6.50
Tea Strainer Infuser
Fits in your teacup or small teapot *cup not included
Price: $12.00
Snap Ball Infuser
1.5 inch single cup size stainless steel
Price: $5.50
Perfect Measuring Spoon
1 Teaspoon for one cup of tea
Price: $7.95
#2 Tea Filter Bags
100 count, 1-3 cup size
Price: $9.00
#3 Tea Filter Bags
100 count, 3-8 cup size
Price: $10.00
Ducky Floating Infuser
Little yellow ducky floats in your cup and sets in its own pond. 2 " mess ball. (Cup not included)
Price: $11.95
Animal or Flower 2" infuser
2" mesh ball infuser (choice will be random)
Price: $6.95