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Would You Like To Host A
Tea Party?
At a Heavenly Special Teas tea party, we teach you the health benefits of tea and how to brew tea properly.  A party is simple, fun, educational, and a good way to reconnect with friends. 
Heavenly Special Teas offers many teapots, teaware, and accessories that are available only in the in-home party format. So if you love tea, contact us and book a party today.  As a host, you earn free tea and products, plus many other host only benefits.  
When you are a Tea Party Host
 You Benefit Seven Ways!
1. Enjoy a FREE Large size bag of tea of your
2. Earn up to $80 in FREE products.
3. Receive an unlimited discount of 10%-35%.
4. Take advantage of FREE shipping on your
5. Receive a FREE Sample size bag of tea of
    your choice for each party booked at your
    party. (“booked” party is a scheduled party
    with a date).
6. With sales of $250+ you may purchase the
    1/2 Off Hostess Monthly Special.
7.  With sales of $300+ and 3 bookings with dates
     you may purchase Hostess Only Items at great 
During July and January the Hostess receives Double Hostess Credits to spend any way she desires.  A $300 party would give the hostess $60 to spend on product.
Book a Catalog Party and receive all the same benefits of an in-home tea party!
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