Heavenly Special Teas - Our teas are out of this world!
Everything you need to brew whole leaf tea.
Order our Ducky Floating Infuser below.
Traditional Water Kettle
60 oz. glass water kettle the boils water on all sources of heat (gas, electric and ceramic tops) NOTE: handle may get hot so use a hot pad. Dishwasher safe.
Price: $45.00
UtiliTea Electric Tea Kettle -Unavailable
Temperature adjusting knob for perfect temperature setting for brewing tea.
Price: $68.00
Tea Strainer Infuser
Fits in your teacup or small teapot *cup not included
Price: $12.00
2.5 Inch Mesh Tea Ball
2.5 inch 4-6 cup teapot size
Price: $6.50
Snap Ball Infuser
1.5 inch single cup size
stainless steel
Price: $5.50
Perfect Measuring Spoon
1 Teaspoon for one cup of tea
Price: $7.95
For the perfect cup of tea, time it with this digital timer.
Price: $12.95
Test the water for all your hot water beverages with this thermometer. Comes with an adjustable clip and cover.
Price: $11.95
Lemon Drip Catcher
Attaches to teapot spout for clean and easy pouring.
Price: $6.50
Stainless Infuser with Lid
Perfect for cups and teapots with lots of room for the leaves. Lid becomes coaster for infuser.
Price: $17.95
t-sac #1 Tea Filter Bags
100 count, single serving disposable tea bags
Price: $9.00
t-sac #3 Tea Filter Bags
100 count, 3-8 cup size
Price: $10.00
Ducky Floating Infuser
Little yellow ducky floats in your cup and sets in its own pond. 2 " mess ball. (Cup not included)
Price: $11.95
Electric Lady
USB & DC Travel Mug plugs into computer or car. Red
Price: $24.95
Nordic Ware Scone Pan
Perfect scones pan
Price: $45.00
Mini Teacake Pan
Nordic Ware pan with non-stick coating. Perfect for our scone mix or your favorite cake recipe.
Price: $45.00
Tea/Coffee Press
Glass and stainless press for tea or coffee. 13.5 oz
Price: $28.95
JOEmo Thermos
16 oz. Stainless steele thermos with stainless infuser plus carrying case.
Price: $32.95
Curve Porcelain Infuser Mug
12 oz. mug with stainless infuser and lid. Blue
Price: $23.95
Curve Porcelain Infuser Mug
12 oz. mug with stainless infuser and lid. Yellow
Price: $23.95
Cookie or Canape Set
Set of three cutters with case. 3 pieces from 2-4 inches
Price: $9.95
Scarlet Blossom Apron
One size fits most. 100% cotton
Price: $37.50
Ice Tea Infuser Pitcher
51 oz. A perfect way to make ice tea with the tea leaves in the pitcher along with the hot water then add ice. Space saving oval shape. 9 inches tall durable acrylic
Price: $24.95
27 oz. Stainless steel thermos that will keep liquids hot or cold.
Price: $18.95
Large Ice Tea Infuser Pitcher
102 oz. Lid locks out order in fridge and has space saving oval shape. A perfect way to brew your ice tea.
10 1/2 inches tall durable acrylic
Price: $34.95