Heavenly Special Teas - Our teas are out of this world!
Exclusive blend of
Green Tea and Goat Milk
Heavenly Special Teas' Spa Collection
contains lotions, soaps, body creams and bath teas.
Introducing our NEW
Soothe & Soak Bath Tea.
Soothe & Soak Bath Tea
Relaxing and soothing herbs and herbal tea.
#3100 one bag $4.00
Ingredients: Chamomile, Rose Flower, Lavender, Spearmint, Rosemary and Juniper.
Save $2.00
#3410 three bags for $10
Save $2.55
Chose any fragrance for the Spa Collection
One Lotion
One Body Cream
One Soap
One Soothe & Soak Bath Tea (not shown)
#7006  Price $23.30
Did You Know?
Tea has many wonderful healing properties that are not only effective when we drink tea, but when we put it onto our skin through lotions and creams.  60% of what you put on your skin is absorbed through the skin.
     Did You Know?
      Goat milk contains over 50 nutrients,
vitamins, minerals, proteins, acids and
enzymes that serve to nourish and revitalize
dehydrated skin and help treat chronic skin conditions.*
Body Lotions
Our lotions have a thick consistency that will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. They are made with a combination of goat’s milk, honey, Shea butter, soybean oil, sunflower oil, aloe and green tea extract. The goat’s milk acts as a natural moisturizer that will hydrate and nourish your skin. Honey adds a natural anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory quality while the Shea butter adds extra moisturizing qualities to the lotions. The green tea adds anti-oxidants and all the benefits of drinking green tea.*
Each body lotion comes in a 4 oz. size. Price $7.95 each.
#3000 Lilac Lotion
#3001 Bahamas Breeze Lotion
#3002 Pear Vanilla Lotion
#3003 Amber Romance Lotion
#3004 Cherry Almond Lotion
#3005 White Chai Lotion
 Body Cream
This thick rich cream is very gentle.  It will moisturize your skin, relieve itching and leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.*
Each cream comes in a 4 oz. size.  Price $8.95 
#3012 Lilac Body Cream
#3013 Bahamas Breeze
#3014 Pear Vanilla
#3015 Amber Romance
#3016 Cherry Almond
#3017 White Chai
Hand-Milled Soaps
Our soaps are made with goat’s milk, vegetable and coconut oils and green tea extract. This is a naturally moisturizing, hypo-allergenic soap. Each bar has a layer of ground oatmeal, which acts as a gentle ex foliate for your skin.*
Each bar is individually wrapped and has a minimum net weight of 3.5 oz.
Price $4.95 each.
#3006 Lilac Soap
#3007 Bahamas Soap
#3008 Pear Vanilla Soap
#3009 Amber Romance Soap
#3010 Cherry Almond
#3011 White Chai
Soothe & Soak Bath Tea
A relaxing bath with our special tea bag of aromatic herbs and calming teas.
Price: $4.00
Sooth & Soap Bath Tea Special
Get three bath teas and save $2.00
Price: $10.00
Spa Special
Contains one of each - Lotion, Soap, Body Cream and Bath Tea (not shown)
Price: $23.30
Choose one fragrance per special:
Body Lotion
4 oz size Tea and goat milk lotion that leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.
Price: $7.95
Choose fragerance:
Hand-Milled Soap
Goat milk and green tea soap. 3.5 oz.
Price: $4.95
Chose which fragrance:
Body Cream
4 oz. A thick and rich cream.
Price: $8.95
Choose a fragrance:
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