Shipping Rates

Shipping rates are a flat fee based on amount spent:
     $00.01 to $15.01 -$4.25
     $15.02 to $33.01 -$5.95
     $33.02 to $50.01 -$7.95
     $50.02 to $74.99 - $9.95
     $75.00 and up     - $12.95

Items will be shipped within 48 hours of payment.

Consultant only pay center.
Invoice number is your consultant number.  If your have more than one credit card to process, put your consultant number plus a dash and a number for each transaction. Such as 1001-1 for your first, 1001-2 for your second and so on. Put the payment amount for each individual transaction. Don't add them together. You must have the full billing address and their name for the credit card you are processing.  It also asks for their email.  If you don't have that, put your email instead.  If you don't have the billing address or have any problems, call us and we can process the card for you.

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