Heavenly Special Teas - Our teas are out of this world!
How to Become a Consultant
Heavenly Special Teas not only offers a popular and unique home party plan, it offers a great opportunity as well!  With Heavenly Special Teas you will find a very flexible and well paying job option that fits every lifestyle and need. 
Because we are a ground floor opportunity, you may decide to make Heavenly Special Teas  your full-time career.
 Answers to some commonly asked questions:  
How much does it cost to start? Our Basic Sample Kit is $100, plus we have optional add-on merchandise available.  Hosts can start for less with host credits. 
How many parties a week do I have to do? As many as you need or want to. 
Do I have to keep an inventory? No. Never. 
Do I have to make deliveries? Just one, to the host. 
How much will I makeThe average consultant earns about $100+ per party based on the national average. But that’s just the beginning! 
What are some benefitsMoney, free training, recognition, flexibility, job satisfaction, and more! 
What is the demand? Very high!  One out of every two households have tea drinkers.  This is a ground floor opportunity with unlimited potential!  
Regardless of your experience, schedule, or work situation, a Heavenly Special Teas business can work for you. 
Heavenly Special Teas is a nationwide company and there are no boundaries within the contingent United States and Alaska.  Be the first in your area to introduce Heavenly Special Teas' in-home tea parties.  Contact us and ask for an information packet today! 
You may call Sherri Davey, CEO at (509) 276-9251 or email Sue Hunt, Vice President of Sales and Consultant Care at suehunt69@msn.com. We would love to send you an information packet by email and/or snail mail.