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How to order Merchandise.
You may order Merchandise from this website by browsing our product pages listed on the left of each page, such as Scones and Curds, Combo Sets, Teapots and Gifts or Tea Accessories.  Each page has a shopping cart on it with pictures where you can indicate what items you would like to purchase.  More details listed below.
You may want to print the following instructions below:
How To Order Tea.
 You can order in following quantities:
      one sample bag for $4.50
      one large bag for $11.00
      5 sample bags for $20.00
      3 large bags for $30.00
On each tea page you will find a list of the teas and descriptions.  At the bottom of each page a cart for purchasing.
1. One Sample Bag
2. One Large Bag
3. Five Sample Bags Tea Special 
4. Three Large Bags Tea Special. 
1. How to order one bag of tea.
When ordering only one bag, you can click on the drop down menu for "one sample bag" or  "one large bag"  and then add your selection to the cart. 
For example:
ONE Large Bag of Tea for $11.00  (On drop down menu click only one tea of your choice.)  Click "Add to Cart".
ONE Sample Bag of Tea for $4.50  (On drop down menu click only one tea of your choice.)  Click "Add to Cart".
2. How to Order Tea Specials
When ordering the 5 Sample Bag Tea Special and/or the 3  Large Bag Tea Special, pick out the teas that you want and write down their item numbers only (you will not be writing the names in the order box.) 
 When you have collected the item number(s) of the teas that you want, just enter their numbers only (see example below) in the proper cart for which tea special you want to order.
For example:
The tea specials may contain different types of tea.
For example: 5 Sample Bag Tea Special for $20.00  I would enter my five choices of tea like this: 
1004, 1008, 1047, 1039, 1069 
Then "Add to Cart".  NOTICE the names are left out.
If I want to view My Cart just click on the "View Cart" button at the top of the cart.  Once you are in the cart you can go ahead and make your purchase through Pay Pal or click on the "continue shopping" button.
How To Order Accessories and Teapots.
Just click on the "Add to Cart" button for each accessory or teapot that you wish to purchase.
How To Order Combo Sets.
Make a note of which teas or scone mixes you wish to add to the combo set of your choice.  Enter the appropriate item numbers (tea and/or scone mix) in the appropriate box, much like ordering the teas in the tea specials. Click on the drop down menu to choose the color of teapot.  Then click "Add to Cart" button.
Add Consultant Name.
If you have a consultant, please be sure and add her name at the top of this page to your cart by entering her name and press "Add to Cart".